Are You Frustrated With Your Lack of Progress Or Struggling To Get Lessons on a Regular Basis?


“Learning to drive can be a very frustrating experience and you can waste hundreds of pounds if your tuition is not effective.

Do you ever get to the end of your lessons and feel that you haven’t actually learnt anything, the reality is - that you probably haven’t.

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency is very clear, as to the procedure driving instructors should follow when conducting lessons. This is to make sure that ‘you’ the customer are getting the maximum benefit from your lessons”.


Ben Lander

Driving School Director

I chose the school because of all the great reviews on their web site. They were very professional and my instructors teaching methods were absolutely brilliant could not fault him, 10 times better than my previous instructor. I would recommend the school as Ben was loads better than a previous driving school that I failed 4 times with. Being with U Drive for just 6 weeks I passed first time”.
Ben Bradley

9 Procedures Your Driving Instructor Should Be Following.

Does your driving instructor arrive on time for a least 90% of your lessons?

Does your driving instructor always recap the previous lesson to agree strengths and weaknesses?

Does your driving instructor always state firm lesson objectives as to what you will be attempting to learn during the current lesson and exactly what you will be trying to achieve?

It’s vital that every lesson has a very clear objective or you will be quite simply ‘driving around’ and wasting your money.

Does your instructor teach in a non - confrontational manner or shout and complain when you make mistakes?

You will benefit from two hour lessons and a regular weekly slot to ensure you get the best possible value for your money and continuity to reduce your learning period.

Does you driving instructor help to prevent mistakes by checking with you what you are about to do before you make the mistake or simply complain or offer negative feedback after the event?

Does your driving instructor help and guide you with feedback and encouragement to build your confidence?

Does your driving instructor analyse why mistakes were made and interact with you to find a solution to improve your understanding?

Does your driving instructor praise you when you succeed in a task?, this is a very powerful learning tool.

Does your driving instructor finish the lesson with a recap of what has been learnt and does he/she ask questions to check your understanding?

(Statistics clearly show that what you discuss during the final five minutes of your lesson will stay with you and reinforce your learning, helping to reduce your learning period?

How Many Boxes Would Your Current Instructor Tick?

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Driving Lessons

My instructors teaching methods were absolutely fantastic! I had previously learned with another instructor and failed my test twice. Switching to U drive really helped me and I found it much easier learning. I would recommend the school because it is excellent value for money and the instructors are professional and friendly.
Jennifer Laffan

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